Welcome to Class 5

Welcome to class 5.  The teachers for Year 5 are Mrs Morgan, Mrs Ronan and on Fridays Mrs Speed.

Return to school 8th March

We are really looking forward to seeing you all on the 8th March.  Remember our PE days are still on a Tuesday and a Friday.  Please remember to bring back your copy of the book The Explorer too so we can continue to read in class.


Spring Term 2021

Although we are not all able to be in school at this time, we are still continuing with our Year 5 curriculum in lots of new ways remotely.   We are using the Google Classroom for much of our learning and also have live meets and lessons every day.   Learning packs are available to be collected every Monday afternoon and if children need any resources to help with their learning we will arrange for them to be collected with packs.

Our topic for Spring 1 is Explorers and we are enjoying reading the book 'The Explorer' by Kathering Rundell.   In our writing we are writing our own adventure story based on this novel.  In science we are looking at biomes and in geography we are discovering South America.  In our maths lessons we will be continuing our work on multiplication before moving onto fractions.  We are encouraging the children to be active every day using the lessons on the Classroom and although we will have a particular focus on our mental wellbeing during Children's Mental Health Week at the beginning of February,  we will be sharing ideas and promoting this throughout our time away from the school building.  Just because we are not all together physically does not mean that we are not still a team and our daily online meets are more than just curriculum learning but also remembering that we belong.

I am absolutely delighted but not at all surprised at just how well the children have adapted to all their new found skills with remote learning and myself , Mrs Ronan and Mrs Speed cannot wait to welcome you all back to class as soon as possible.